Speak now or Forever remain silent

On 25th May an African American man was mercilessly killed by a White cop on the streets of Minnesota. His death and his final words were recorded and posted on social media. That video went viral like a wildfire and all the cops that were involved in this hideous act where charged of murder. His death caused protests not only in America but the entire world. Suddenly the entire world either turned their instagram photos black or decided to use #blacklivesmatter along with some that decided to use this situation to their advantage and started burning public property or looting. England pulled down the statue of a 17th century slave trader, New Zealand decided to remove the statue of John Hamilton who was believed to have enslaved Maoris, and recently Gandhi’s statue was removed in Ghana calling him to be racist. Mr.Floyds death united the whole world together and brought out the voice that was suppressed for many years due to so called supremacy. And all of this was happening when the world was busy fighting COVID. 

If the entire world can fight for the justice of one, why has the world kept quiet against the exodus of Hindu Pandits in India? As history recalls, the Hindus of the Kashmir Valley, were forced to flee the valley as a result of being targeted by Islamist insurgents during early 1990s. Kashmir valley during the early 1970’s was home to over 600,000 Hindu families. With constant killing and forceful conversion to Islam only 2000 family are now living in the valley with constant fear. In the year 1986 a prominent leader in Kashmir with the name of Tika Lal Taploo was mercilessly killed by JKLF which instilled fear in the Kashmiris Hindus. The whole idea behind doing this was to demand “Azad Kashmir” or Independant Kashmir to Islamic Countries. On 4th January 1990 Aftab, a Srinagar based newspaper released a message threatening all Hindus to either leave Kashmir or die by the hands of Hizbul Mujahideen.

Sheikh Abdullah in 1975 had agreed with the central government that Jammu and Kashmir would integrate the state into India. Although this decision was met with hostility and the opposition included Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir and JKLF. Taking advantage of this situation, Pakistani ISI tried to speak more unrest with an intention to take over Kashmir. During the time when Abdullah being the governor forcefully changed the names of about 2500 villages from their native names to new Islamic names and called the Hindus as “mukhbir” or informers of the Indian government. Year 1984 say the profound rise in terrorism in the valley against Hindus which further leads to killing of few more Hindu prominent leaders. It was also believed that Abdullah had allowed Khalistan terrorist groups to train in India, although the sources for this are inconclusive. Farooq Abdulla was overthrown by G.M.Shah in a political coup, but G.M.Shah lacked peoples mandate, so to gain support he decided to join hands with Islamists to gain religious sentiments. This is when the actual fights between Hindus and Muslims started and the times turned worse when Gul Shah in 1986 said that “Islam khatre mein hain” meaning “Islam is in danger”, which lead to even more killings of Hindus in Kashmir. This was all happening with Congress leading the central government. Kashmir, known as the “Paradise on Earth” , suddenly became the “death valley”. The killings and forceful conversion continued in India for decades and it was only in 1995 a Village Defense Committee was organised to protect Hindus in remote areas. Killing and forceful conversion of Hindus in “Hindustan” is not a recent happening. It started in 1206 AD with Mahmud of Ghazni and is happening even today. All of this was forgotten until 2020 when Ajay Pandita Bharti was shot in the back, another cowardly act by the Islamic extremists. Even today Hindu women are kidnapped and forceful converted to Islam in Pakistan. In 2006 a Hindu temple in Pakistan was destroyed to make way for a commercial building. 

So here is my question to all the Hindus out there, are we still going to keep quiet? If eating pig in Pakistan is Haram because it is against their religion, then why was there an issue in India when the government said that killing cows is illegal because Hindus worship cows. All religious activities for Hindus were cancelled during COVID, then why were Muslim’s allowed to have their stalls open during Iftar. If saying something against Quran in Pakistan is equivalent to death penalty, then why cant a Hindu raise their voice when people say something against Ramayan. 

If countries like Pakistan or Malaysia can have Islam in majority then why cant Hindustan have Hindus in majority? Here is why, because we as Hindus are too scared, we are scared to raise our voice and fight for our own rights, because we have taken secularism too far. We as Hindus are good with sitting in the comfort of our own house, and post messages on social media. We as Hindus will wait for someone else to fight for us, but when will we unanimously stand up and raise our hand for what belongs to us. This is not the time to believe in old ideology ” that when someone slaps you on one side of the face, the show the other side of your face”. This is the time to show that unanimously we are the force that cannot be taken for granted.  I support the current Indian government CAA and NRC movement, I stand against all the so-called stand up comedians who mock the government as they think they are making intelligent remarks. I have the rights to shop where ever I want to shop .I support the current government’s Ram Mandir Initiative and I support  “Hindu Rashtra”.

I don’t have to tell you what you need to do, but if we don’t speak now, then please be aware that “You will forever remain silent”. 

13 thoughts on “Speak now or Forever remain silent”

  1. You are right…Bharat should stop this so call secularism. If they hv to stay in Bharat, hv to follow our laws or leave the country..Even these missionaries are no less. Trying to convert poor people.


  2. Hindu-s are wonderful Self-enemies. No community feeling, too many divisions, too much segmentation, egoistic to the core, no self-esteem…reasons are multiple for our woes.
    I entirely agree with you.


  3. Agree with your views After

    Yes…Hindus have been very compassionate for many many centuries with the world including the intruders…

    I am optimist that whole world will certainly understand meaning of ‘वसुधैव कुटुंबकम’ truly…

    Till then, we MUST be united to safeguard our own Religion…Values…Culture…at any cost

    Aditee…Keep writing n sharing…Fearlessly…That’s the need of hour

    Wishing you all the very best…
    Let your pen get energy in abundance and power to your thoughts n words!!

    Shekhar Joshi


  4. I have gone through your article. It’s a good article covering history, incidents showing killing of a Black thief and Anti Hindu behaviour of Pakistan and Kashmiri Muslims.
    You have to understand the hatred towards Black. Globally, We talked a lot about this, however it is still in the minds of White people. Whether it’s Europe or America, this hatred is very much in their minds and such incidents, prove that it still exists. The bad elements take advantage of such situations and start looting or rampage. As happened in USA, similarly it has happened in Kashmir, India.
    For last 70 years, it was happening in India. Very well planned moves, e.g. Changing history, manipulating documents & deeds, changing study books in school curriculum, Movies showing Hindu culprits and Islamic names as saints, tarnishing India’s image, etc. etc. We all have tolerated this as the Law is supporting Islamist and against Hindus.
    You have only mentioned closing of Hindu Temples, but what about the Hindu Temple’s collections. Government used to take it and Masjid or Church is exempted from this. All political tamasha.

    But, God is great. He has given Mr. Modi to India. Who is already started the cleansing process as well as restoration. What wrong has happened in 70 years, is difficult to correct in mere 7 years. If he gets 3rd term, then India will once again have very sound economy and sovereignty.
    We Hindus are not against Islam or never against Islam. We are borne secular and respect all religions.


  5. I totally agree with you and your call for Hindus to speak up. I have one suggestion to make. We all Hindus should study and follow ideology of Israel government and people of Israel in order to prevent extinction of Hindus and Hinduism.
    Before that we will have to get rid off political weeds, you know what I mean, that still
    keep popping out.
    Liked your article


  6. A very good write Aditee…..
    We Hindus are as we are because we are never feeded in hatred against others. And maybe thats what make us soft.
    However we have always been our own enemies…..that is our plight


  7. Amazing post and a bitter truth. Unfortunately Hidus are not united and expect others to fight their battles. Time is not far if they don’t wake up then these battles will be at their doorstep and it will be too late. It’s a wake up call for all Hindus if they don’t unite now and exercise their right then perish.


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